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Looking Ahead to 2014, Training Young Leaders to Reach Their Generation

Alpha’s Youth Film Series session, Scona High School

Beulah Alliance Church has not only embraced Alpha’s Youth Film Series as part of Alberta 2013, they have also been training their youth to run their own Alpha course in the future. This fall, they have hosted Alpha at schools and homes reaching a wide range of students. Early next year, youth leaders will be hosting more courses in diverse spaces including a local A&W and Royal Pizza.

Student-led Alpha at 10 Schools, Welcoming 150 Youth Weekly

Alpha’s Youth Film Series session, Strathcona Composite High School

Edmonton’s Celebration Church, with a group of 200+ youth, has hosted 10 student-led Alpha courses in their community. Each week student leaders are welcoming an average of 150 peers to Alpha, both Christian and non-Christian. These schools have also received amazing support from teachers, which has been a great help in building regular attendance. On one of these Alpha courses three students made the decision to follow Jesus. “Our vision is empowering our young leaders to learn how to walk out the Great Commission and see thousands of young people giving their lives to Christ,” says Christian Robichaud.

“Each One Reach One” – Lansdowne Chinese Baptist Church Engaging Local Community Through Invitation

With the slogan, “Each One Reach One”, Edmonton’s Lansdowne Chinese Baptist Church has greeted an average of 130 guests to their weekly Alpha course, where 50% were invited by a friend. A few select guests are locals who responded to the Question Everything advertisements and church activities.

Parents of the 50+ youth that have been attending Alpha say that their kids are asking them lots of questions about Jesus . “We are happy with the outcome,” says Pastor Peter Co. “We now have emerging leaders and new volunteers willing to serve.”

Joint Alpha at Calgary’s Edgemont Community Centre

Sister churches Northwest Community Church and Rainbow Christian Church partnered up this fall to run a joint Alpha, which saw 150 guests the first week, including a diverse mix of Mandarin speakers, English speakers, youth, and many who have never stepped foot in church before. Both churches are highly involved in their local communities and Chinese missions.

VIDEO – Albertan Churches Running Alpha

God Of This City – AB 2013 Churches from Mill Woods Media on Vimeo.

There are over 650 Alpha courses running in Alberta this fall. Download this video and share the great news with your church community!

Click here or the image above to view the video.

Question Everything Campaign – From Billboard to T-Shirt


First Filipino Alliance passed out Alpha invites in downtown Edmonton wearing these “Why” t-shirts, starting conversations about Alpha. Their Alpha will be hosted in a Filipino restaurant in downtown Edmonton. This just shows the many great ways to share Alpha!

Alberta Campaign featured in Faith Today

Alpha Canada’s National Director, Shaila Visser, along with Gary Taitinger, Senior Pastor at Millwoods Pentecostal Assembly in Edmonton, share their passion behind the Question Everything campaign with Faith Today.

Click HERE to read the full article.

Albertan Students Share Alpha via Gum Packs

Celebration Church shared that intern students at the University of Alberta have been preparing gum packs for Campus Alpha outreach as part of promoting the fall semester during the Question Everything campaign.

Lunch with Youth Alpha Film Series Creators Jason Ballard and Ben Woodman

The Youth Alpha Film Series duo Jason Ballard and Ben Woodman want to take some time to talk about Alpha, answer any questions, and pray for the next season of youth ministry with youth workers in Alberta. They will be visiting Edmonton and Calgary, meeting with leaders over lunch and invite all youth ministry workers to attend!

Lunch Dates
Edmonton – Sept 11th, 2013 at 12:00pm at Beulah Alliance.
Click HERE for details.

Calgary – Sept 12th, 2013 at  12:00pm at Centre Street Church.
Click HERE for details.

If you have any questions please contact the Youth Alpha Administrator Kate Verrelli at

HAIRisma Salon & Spa Offers the Alpha Course

Edmonton’s HAIRisma Salon & Spa is offering Alpha this fall! It is such a great reflection of all the different ways Alpha can be run throughout Canada to reach those in our communities.

Words of Support
Based on lives changed by Christ, and the proven track record of ALPHA, we are enthusiastically participating in this fall's Alberta Alpha Outreach. We are believing God for good things across our city, community and province.
Mark Bolender, Lead Team Pastor - Hillcrest Church, Medicine Hat
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Your e-mail will not be shared with third-parties.
It will be used strictly to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening with Alberta 2013.