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Alberta 2013

Alberta 2013 is an invitation from the province’s churches for Albertans to attend an Alpha course through the church of their choice in Fall 2013. We will engage the spiritually curious through a province-wide, integrated media campaign. It will provoke people to ‘Question Everything’ by asking the most basic question, ‘Why?’.


Alpha is the tool we will be using to mobilize the Churches and help people explore their life questions. It is a proven program, now in a new 7-week format for even greater accessibility and flexibility. It provides a complete set of tools for running the program, while enabling your church to maintain its distinct identity.
The latest news.

Looking Ahead to 2014, Training Young Leaders to Reach Their Generation

Posted on November 08, 2013 in Alpha, Churches

Beulah Alliance Church has not only embraced Alpha’s Youth Film Series as part of Alberta 2013, they have also been training their youth to run their own Alpha course in the future. This fall, they have hosted Alpha at schools [...]

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Student-led Alpha at 10 Schools, Welcoming 150 Youth Weekly

Posted on November 08, 2013 in Alpha, Churches, Uncategorized

Edmonton’s Celebration Church, with a group of 200+ youth, has hosted 10 student-led Alpha courses in their community. Each week student leaders are welcoming an average of 150 peers to Alpha, both Christian and non-Christian. These schools have also received [...]

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Words of support.
  • Alberta 2013 is a timely initiative that has the potential to transform our province for the purposes of God. What excites me most is the Youth Alpha project. Finally we have this amazing resource designed to help youth leaders reach students like never before!
    Mike Love, Executive Director, Extreme Dream Ministries
  • The Alberta 2013 media campaign will help ignite spiritual conversations and provide a natural starting point to leverage Alpha groups across Alberta! We're all in!
    Keith Taylor, Lead Pastor, Beulah Alliance Church, Edmonton
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  • Alberta 2013 Participation Agreement:
  • Agree that Jesus Christ is God the Son and saviour of the world
  • Agree to present the Alpha Course starting the week of September 23, 2013
  • Agree to include this project in our church budget or present the opportunity to our congregation to make a special donation
  • Agree to use campaign materials in some way to raise awareness and identify our church as a participating venue
  • Agree to have our name listed on the Alberta 2013 website to help guests ‘find a course’ as of September 1, 2013

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Your e-mail will not be shared with third-parties.
It will be used strictly to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening with Alberta 2013.